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Music succeeds where people fail whenever confronted by moments of superfluous depression. The sort that settles in when we realize that given a chance we would drop our identities sooner than a disgusting habit. We can sound like a sad bunch of orphaned sunflower children sometimes. Mentally dressed in precious little tutus and prancing around, begging someone to make sense of this dull pain we call discontent yet never once trying anything meaningful to fix it. Abandoning the life we lead and going in search of our version of the truth might sound enticing and we all have seen at least three films about it, but actually going through with it requires a beautiful sort of reckless abandon and the truth is, most of us are so pre-conditioned towards idle comforts that we would lose track and end up worse off than before. Pshhh we can be such wussies.

It is during these moments of introspection and a whole lot of head-nodding I wonder what I do without music. I mean, you can’t talk to people about this sort of shit. Chances are your close friends have their share of failed dreams they haven’t yet shared with you in morbid fear of ending up like you, feebly fighting both insecurities and delusions of self-importance. So the best thing to do is to put your butt on the bed and double-click some media player icon on the laptop. It doesn’t even have to be that song that you have drank or cried to a zillion times before. It could be something left to rot on some self-indulgent blog or a theme song of a Wim Wenders film. Matter of fact, you don’t have to look for it; like some cheap advertising catchphrase, it will find you.

Ahhh music, (cue melodramatic theme song), if you ever leave me, I will find you and kill you.

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Whatever finds you before Dr Phil does

If the musicians aren’t owned by a major label

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