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Good fun, smart read…enough said

Video: Gogol Bordello’s Start Wearing Purple

Coolest sounds from New York City since Talking Heads.

South Park Moment: Tribute to Kenny

Oh my god, they killed Kenny.

Website: Pearl’s Before Swine

Very, very funny. Dilbert ain’t shit. 

Screenshot: Arkham Asylum on PS3…seriously, what free time?


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Isaac Hayes, artist, producer, Chef, and one of first musicians to give blaxploitation an aural identity, passed away on Sunday morning.

Pop culture will remember him as that Grammy-winning, towering African American soul singer whose music was just as smooth as his hairless skull. I’ll probably remember him as that guy who looked a bit like Ritchie Havens, but sounded more like Barry White’s suave twin.

I even threw away a brand new copy of his 1971 album Black Moses in a fit of rage against everything R&B. Only after I heard “Hot Buttered Soul”, did I realize that Isaac Hayes wasn’t R&B.

He was soul music’s heart of darkness. A distant, cool summer breeze that once swept through the African American sonic landscapes during the Seventies.

May his soul chill out in peace.


Isaac Hayes – Do Your Thing


Isaac Hayes’ Live At Montreux 2005 DVD

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