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Hear no evil, see none either

Yesterday, Headlines Today spent almost an hour advising Shane Warne to be subtle about his ‘perverse’ sex life.

The Times Now channel reached out to their imaginary Afro-American customer demography by airing a rap song about how they are THE premier news channel.

NDTV have presumably forced their anchors to wear more lipstick than usual.

Jaya TV talked about how a handful of DMK cadres had successfully destroyed the very sanctity of this year’s electoral polls.

All the Sun TV newsreaders flashed beaming smiles and sang Hallelujahs to their god – MK.

Sick of this puerile crap, I picked up The Hindu, only to be misinformed and then I tried The Indian Express only to be induced into a sleep-like trance.

Armed with access to the worldwide web, I logged on to various news-based websites.

I logged out immediately and feverishly shut down my computer. I really didn’t care about Amitabh Bachchan’s bowel moments and I certainly didn’t want to read about who got raped today in Bihar.

The box and its paper cousins are no longer just idiotic, they are pure evil.

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