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indieIt’s hard to find a good Indie rock track nowadays without bumping into the 8,809th cover version of The Strokes or The Vines. As a definitive rule and not dissimilar to communism, the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal or the slinky, anything and everything that starts underground and eventually ends up mainstream will suck. I guess that explains why Kerala Government, Metallica, and neon-coloured slinkys – have all been subjected to both ridicule and apathy.

Portland-based garage rockers The Newspapers are certainly not representative of the burgeoning American Indie rock scene. No. No. No. These guys live on the other side of industry; a barren land where eye mascaras is gay and guitar solos are only served piping hot. I bet over there they also give cheese its due status as a main course meal. If you enjoy listening to polished, clean-sounding and coyly-marketed “garage music”, stay away from The Newspapers.

For those who appreciate bands, who give us those precious moments when we can be sure that the guitarist bloody well knows how to kick out a solo like it was 1970s all over again…


The Newspapers – Devil’s Dance Blues

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