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I have heard many people say that they would not be voting this time around. Apparently, it has become a pointless routine that only results in like sweating. I can understand the frustration that people have in the candidates and their higher-ups, but to lose belief in a system that quite possibly is democracy’s like bestest friend like ever is just cynical to the point of retardation.

I’m not saying casting a vote this time will sift the muddy waters of Tamil Nadu politics. I am relatively sure that things will remain the same no matter who wins. Construction of bridges will be delayed. Water supply will run short. Electricity might be a bummer during summers. Of course, good stuff will also happen. A surge in employment opportunities…maybe. Better roads (who’d you think laid the Chennai-Bangalore highway? Elves? Rajinikanth?). Improvement in counter disaster measures. I can almost hear Robert Plant scream, and the song remains the same.


At this point, I urge you to think about what went wrong with voting. Like many other channels of pro-democracy, this one too has taken a hell of a beating over the ages. The greed for power and the insecurity of having to let go of it have driven politicians batshit crazy for ages. By savagely taking advantage of process loopholes and the unbelievable hard-on that people have for currency notes, they have constructed a zillion ways of rendering the voting system useless.

But for fuck sake, that does not mean casting a vote is pointless. Well…it would be if more and more people do this neat trick of talking through their asses about how voting like really sucks dude. Is it really totally awesome that we give up the right to decide which party gets to lead our state? More importantly, how would you rather have it? Inky pinky ponky? Oh wait, I forget. You don’t care. You like don’t give a rat’s arse about politics. Hell, if famous people on television urge you to vote, it must be uncool. But let’s not discuss how much your life depends on both State and Civil cooperation or how voting at least ensures that there is always a medium for future improvement…nooooooo…let’s just focus on shit that went wrong.

Suffice to say, I harbour a certain amount of fear towards that dystopia; one in which power is assigned to cynics who would rather use every ounce of intelligence to fuel their own cynicism.

This isn’t China, fuckers. Put that goddam Samurai blade down and cast your vote. We’ll talk about how totally cool it is to be indifferent towards society much later.

Much much later.

P.S: For those in Chetpet, check out the array of election officials at the Club Road Corporation School near the Malayali Club…totally Hell’s Angels lookalikes.

Post-election footprints’ reaction: Thank you, come again!

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