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stevie-wonder-13Today wasn’t supposed to be a very pleasant day. For one, it’s Thursday – a day that corporate life has taught me to loathe for various logistical reasons. Not helping was the fact that I had a bunch of stuff I had to write for my company’s Manufacturing domain, which (as glamorous as it sounds) makes watching paint dry seem like attending a Tool concert, high on LSD and surrounded by the entire cast of Harold & Kumar.

To prepare myself for days like these, I listen to a lot of music on my way to office. Yesterday, I downloaded a bunch of sounds from the mp3 blog – Souled On – one of my favourite places to haunt online. I came across this song ‘As’ by Stevie Wonder and a recent cover version by George Michaels and Mary J. Blige I had heard the cover version a couple of times on the now defunct and quite possibly France’s greatest contribution to Chennai – The MCM channel. It was straight-up, white ass R&B with Ms Blige channeling the spirit of Gloria Gayner. But it sounded alright. But since it never could match up to the deranged pop styling of “Killer Papa Was A Rolling Stone”, “As” turned out be my second favourite Michaels’ track (possibly the last).

The good blokes at Souled On also included the original version sung to perfection by Stevie Wonder. The song itself is a whiff of summer breeze, the sort that encourages the mind wander off to unchartered places at a pace that will have you tapping your feet. The chorus is a different beast altogether….with a melody that will stick to your brain like peanut butter on broken glass. The Blues-inspired closing sequence will have you reaching for as many versions of “Little Red Rooster” as you can get your grubby hands on.

stevie-wonderNo seriously, this is one of the most fantastic sounds I have heard all year. With Stevie’s vocals soaring like it hasn’t since “Pastime Paradise”, “As” is living proof that intention behind creating the Rhythm and Blues genre was a perfectly soulful one.

Damming evidence too that music can save your sorry ass.

Fuck you, Thursday. Thank you, Stevie Wonder.


Stevie Wonder – As

Mary J Blige & George Michael – As


http://souledonmusic.blogspot.com (you’ll find mp3 versions of both tracks when you scroll down to the Love Lockdown: The Go Nicole Yourself Edition)

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