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…and as heartbeats bring percussions
fallen trees bring repercussions
cities play upon our souls like broken drums


As if the heart were not enough by The Scholar

Review of Sounds From A Town I Love by Seventh Art

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Saul_WilliamsSaul Williams is a poet, writer, actor, critic, music producer, vocalist and MC extraordinaire. You just have to imagine our comical neighbourhood bear – T Rajendar – but without the exaggeration of talent or opposable thumbs. As a musician, he has been known to breathe heavily into the microphone and spit fiery words against oppression, corruption, social degeneration and other such things you’d find under every rock in your neighbourhood. His music is unclassifiable and that’s that; only someone truly hotheaded could mistake him for a pure Hip-Hop musician. While his debut Amethyst Rock Star was an eclectic soup of the finest ingredients this side of Hip Hop, IDM, funk and even chamber music, the more recent Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust had Saul coaxing industrial post-rock sounds to fornicate with street poetry. Nothing in-between (Not in My Name, Self-Titled) bothered lending itself to a singular description either.

The only thing you can be sure of Saul Williams is that he considers his prodigious talent to be a responsibility, without it ever becoming a mere obligation. He seems to be the sort of a person who craves for music to be used as a weapon to blast sense and civility into people rather than as a pointy stick with which musicians can point out irreverent statistical data on the white board. Of course, what I know of him is just what I have read about it…so I am not going to sit here and argue about how someone should probably steal Rock N Rolla Fucka Bono’s honorary knighthood and give it to him instead.

saulwilliamsHaving been an erstwhile fan of his for many years, I can’t speak enough about the man’s brilliance as a songwriter and beatsmith. Songs like Convict Colony, Pedagogue of Young Gods, Coded Language and the truly great Twice Upon A Time challenge you to listen to them one more time. Like most of the music that I drown myself into, these stimulating passages of glorious sounds backed by provocative wordplay and pristine production can make you uneasily adjust your rear end to the chair or bite your fingernails without realizing it until the flesh makes for difficult chewing.

Don’t be alarmed by it.

Matter of fact, I expect you to squirm while listening to Black Stacey…and it’s not because the track contains a venomously personal message by Saul Williams, as evidenced by words such as “I apologize for bottling up all the little things you said that warped my head and my gut, even though I always told you not to brag about the fact that your great grand mother was raped by her slave master, yeah I became militant too”. That’s all fine and dandy, but hearing him spit it out without a filter had more of an effect on me than the actual content of what he says.

It goes beyond lyrics and social issues and miscues, man.

Way beyond.


Saul Williams – Black Stacey

Saul Williams – List Of Demands

Saul Williams – Coded Language


Amethyst Rock Star

And the rest

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The Internet is not your friend. It might want you to think that way, but it really is not. And without further adieu, and with a great deal of difficulty…


Queens Of The Stone Age – Lullaby

Saul Williams – Twice Upon A Time


Queens Of The Stone Age’s Lullabies To Paralyze

Saul Williams’ Amethyst Rock Star

P.S. Thank you Box

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