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BradMehldau01I came across Brad Mehldau while scouting YouTube for Radiohead covers. So, he is this post-bop jazz pianist who makes music for Nonesuch Records, a label that boasts of many wonderful, eclectic musicians. Brad Mehldau’s pretty friggin great, as well. Wikipedia says that Mehldau’s “signature techniques is to create an ostinato in his right hand whilst developing a motivic idea in his left hand” and supposedly this is very, very cool. I’m sure I’d agree if I understood what that meant. With my meager knowledge of jazz music, I’ll try slightly better than just drooling and holding a placard that says “sounds awesome matcheee”.

See, I think appreciating jazz is very much like loving a lady. It can never be love at first sight. You need to become familiar to her. Before taking her out, you’ve got to smell her hair, go through her music collection, visit the hospital in which she was born, find out what moves her and then decide if she moves you.

I guess that’s why I easily got into Mehldau’s versions of Radiohead tracks. Despite the strange transformation of Nineties mod rock into exquisite lounge-y piano pieces and Radiohead’s not-to-be-fucked artistic merit, it was the familiarity in melodies that had me nodding my head in approval. The notes flow like sad little droplets of water in each song with Tom Yorke’s wailing inconspicuously absent during moments of manic crescendo.

So here it is then…a toast to discovering jazz and a tribute to one of her obscure lovers, Brad Mehldau.


Brad Mehldau – Exit Music (For A Film)


Brad Mehldau – Paranoid Android

Brad Mehldau – Knives Out

Brad Mehldau – London Blues


Brad Mehldau’s Elegiac Cycle


Other artists who make music for Nonesuch Records: Philip Glass, Thomas Newman, John Zorn, Kronos Quartet, Shawn Colvin, Magnetic Fields, Black Keys, Emmylou Harris, Viktor Krauss, Jonny Greenwood, Youssou N’Dour and Brian friggin Wilson!

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