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Stop to kill the roses

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The potency of people’s peculiarities is often tipped with enough poison to send the Tin Man scurrying to the nearest psychiatrist. Some of them may seem cute to delightfully callous observers. Of course, the vilest of things can look digestible when looked at from a considerable distance. So I decided to kick back and generally observe the people in my office while paying great attention to even the most microscopic of behavioural patterns. A few hours later, and for the millionth time, enlightenment dawned upon me. I realised that idiocy runs rampant no matter how intelligent or productive the people you see everyday are.

Let me rephrase that…everybody pisses me off sometime or the other.

Sure I could swallow the normalcy of this constant irritation and continue to gel with society without sniffing glue and putting hexes on random colleagues. But that just wouldn’t constitute to having fun. I like things to be colourful inside my head. I prefer it when people give me reasons to hate them; working hours ostensibly turn out to be funnier for my friends and I, whenever this happens.

As far as I am concerned, this has presumably been a strange and boring decade to be a member of the working class category and more importantly, this has definitely been quite a torrid century for us all. So why bother hating the bigger picture of life and all that it promises and threatens you with. You would be better off hating the little things in life. Next time you wake up feeling messed up about the future, don’t forget to stop by and smell the roses. More importantly, don’t forget to pluck the little bastards out of their stems and stomp on them until they bleed.

You will feel better. And if you don’t, you seriously need help.

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As you may have noticed

People expect me to listen to them in rapturous glee as they go on and on about their peculiar denials. It upsets them to find out that all I can manage is a tedious groan or a non-appreciative sigh.


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