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Bug-eyed beetles

It’s easy to believe that The Beatles were crappy. They made sugary pop songs & sappy romantic ballads. They weren’t just a part of the mainstream charts, they defined its existence after Elvis Presley became fat and people realized Little Richard was black.

So yeah, The Beatles exemplified pop music. Bad haircuts, sometimes cornier-than-hell lyrics and repetitive melodies. That was Beatles in a nutshell.

Thankfully, these blokes spoofed themselves seriously enough to make some kick-ass songs. Dreary pop ballads such as I Want To Hold Your Hand & All You Need Is Love helped a few guys get laid and made the others fall asleep. But whenever they decided to get in touch with their edgier side, songs such as the Happiness Is A Warm Gun, Eleanor Rigby and A Day In The Life Of…proved that Beatles could brilliantly mangle pop and force it to copulate with rock and roll.

The Fab Four certainly weren’t as good as people thought they were. Greatest band ever, my left foot. But after listening to gems like Free As A Bird, One Is The Loneliest Number and Across The Universe, an undeniable fact stands out and screams at me – The Beatles were bigger than Jesus and definitely better than Oasis.


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