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…these websites are so good that you could have sex with their URLs. Or at least fantasize about sharing wine, cheese and chocolates with them.

But seriously, some of the prettiest music living and breathing online.

http://aurgasm.us   ‘the finest music you’ve never heard’

http://souledonmusic.blogspot.com – best collection of soul music I’ve ever stumbled upon

http://fleamarketfunk.wordpress.com – good enoough for me to think funkstatic sounds cool


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001271I have heard a few accuse MIA of being a bit repetitive. Maybe there is a certain truth to this. She always brings in a distinctly IDM flavour to all of her songs; the south Indian dapan koothu style is also omnipresent in her music. It’s only been a year since I started tripping on MIA, so I’m going to classify these predictabilities as familiar comfort. I pretty much know what to expect from her tracks, and it really doesn’t take away anything from the whole experience.

tamil-cinema-dalapathiYeah I do hope she explores weirder and presumably more obscure sounds in her new album. But even if she didn’t, I wouldn’t complain too much. How the hell can I hold anything against someone who sampled Ilaiyaraaja’s Kaatu Kuyilu (Bamboo Banga) over a delicious percussion beat and some sweet British IDM.

I swear I could almost visualize Rajinikanth and Mammooty getting their freak on.


MIA – Bamboo Banga


MIA and Timbaland – Come Around


MIA’s interview with Stylus Magazine

P.S: This one’s for you, Jerry boy.

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I desire that which pushes itself away from all acceptable forms of expression. Be it music, film or literature, the further they are from what I know them to be, the more comfortable I feel around them. From one of last decade’s finest alternative metal albums – Undertow by Tool, I give you…Prison Sex.

Click here to watch it

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Riders of the doldrums

The stillness of a city sometimes gives birth to music. Wordless compositions that float in the breeze and awkwardly land on treetops and apartment terraces. Riding around the city on a Sunday afternoon can give you a headache during summer, but winter brings along a melancholic blanket that smears itself on the blue skies. Piano notes, guitar strings, and drumbeats rise up nowhere and threaten to pierce through your ears.

The kind that would be perfect to listen to while watching chestnuts crackle in the fireplace.

Perfect for a conversation over black coffee.

Most of all, perfect for getting over the silliness of genetic evolution for not already setting in motion a series of biologically complex sequences that would eventually result in future generations being born with in-built music boxes in their skulls.

That would be neat.


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