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Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr, better known as Snoop Dogg Dog, brought the G-Funk to the West Coast hip-hop movement in 1992. Since then he has been shot at, assaulted, questioned, arrested, sued, subject to both police brutality and lenience, and granted and denied bail. In the entertainment industry, he has been a pimp, playa, producer, lyricist, author, mentor, rapper extraordinaire and legendary marijuana enthusiast.

As a recording artist, his debut Doggystyle was probably the highest point while his diabolical 2002 opus Paid Da Cost To Be Da Boss really, really sucked.

As a major part of west coast culture, he has been in the limelight for all things controversial and popular. Right from directing a porn film and starring in his own reality show to performing at a Metallica Tribute concert, he has been an enigma, for lack of a better word.

And today morning I stumbled across a horrid news article stating that Snoop Dogg is making a cameo appearance in Singh Is Kinng.

I used to ask myself about how much marijuana can a man smoke until he screws up so bad that redemption is but a fleeting glance

Now I know.

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