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The guy sitting next to me at office is a drummer. As of today, he has produced and released his band’s first album. These post-anarchistic mongers of thrash metal and all things heavy, urgent and easily subject to skepticism call themselves Blind Image. The name of the album is Psycho Babble and thankfully it sounds neither psychotic nor nefariously indecipherable. It’s a throwback to the thrash metal genre that once famously burgeoned in the Bay Area; a stream a musical consciousness that almost ran itself dry post-Black Album.

More importantly, Psycho Babble is an effort taken by five Chennai-based kids to conjure up the Gods of metal. They don’t have an Ouija board but they do have sound and fury. Lets hope the Gods listen.

Buy a copy of Psychobabble by contacting blindimage@gmaill.com

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Stoner rock sounds like the illegitimate child of Rock and Roll and New Wave British Heavy Metal. With colossal riffs, indecipherable acts of soloing, and gruff vocals, this genre is impossible to grasp without having harbored a bit of love to either of its parents. Post-modern blues is very likely it’s nanny since most of the stoner rock musicians incorporate a lot of atmospheric instrumentation that wouldn’t sound totally out of place at a Muddy Waters concert.

Psychedelia has its indelible mark on this genre too; with acid-tinged freestyle jams and fuzz pedals wah wahing themselves into the hearts of stoner rock icons such as Bjorn Bjork, John Garcia and Al Cisneros, one could argue that post-Sixties psychedelic rock also had a fair share in shaping this sound.

Stoner rock is a bastard; moody, passive angst-ridden and a child to unconfirmed parents. And it is created by garage musicians whose love for music is only rivaled by their love for marijuana. Go to stonnerock.com and check out their jukebox (hundreds of free downloads available).

Dopethrone by Electric Wizard

Also, check out

Sleep’s Dragonaut

Brant Bjork’s Beautiful Powers

Clutch’s Electric Worry

Kyuss’ Demon Cleaner

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