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2855jpgSometimes I become really obtuse and I refuse to download music albums. Hence the paranoia about the World Wide Web taking away the intricacies of appreciating music. Saving money for over a month, just to buy one friggin’ CD. The almost caveman-like rage, which takes over the mind the moment it fathoms that the difficulty involved in tearing apart the plastic cover around the CD case. The smell of the artwork on the inside pages. The artwork itself. Reading the album credits and linear notes and realizing that the band’s vocalist has been influenced big-time by one of your favourite musicians from the Seventies. The momentary lapse in reason and the speculative rumours that lead you to believe that there is indeed a hidden track.

Having said that, I know it’s not as though we are missing on a bunch of magical experiences by solely relying on the Internet to feast on music. Hell, it’s barely an experience that lasts all of 20 minutes. And yes, the Internet has liberalized my taste in music to the extent that I actively search for remixes of Grunge tracks, as well as introduced me to sounds without which my nights would have been a lot less comfortable. But I am pretty sure that somehow I had greater respect for music back then when I used to skip every other lunch at high school just to get that Chemical Brothers’ album. Now I download out-of-print EPs and rare recordings over brunch and lime cooler.

So does that mean that Internet fanboys are more deserving music enthusiasts than tape traders?

While you figure that out, I’ll tell you this much…

Last week, I bought Encomium (Led Zeppelin tribute) for 175 bucks and as I was driving around Spurtank Road with Jerry, Stone Temple Pilots’ blistering cover of Dancing Days slow-burned its way through the car stereo. Scott Weiland’s vocals swung like a pendulum with midlife crisis between being sultry and being tortured with Dean DeLeo exorcising the spirit of Jimmy Page on an acoustic guitar. All the while, Jerry was examining the album’s artwork and shooting some seriously tripped out glances at the lyrics.

And all I could think of was, “man, if I can only convince those bastards at Landmark to slash prices on Sandman and Maus comics.”


Stone Temple Pilots – Dancing Days


Encomium – Various Artists

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