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Ever so often I stumble upon a couple of Bjork’s songs and then I get this irresistible urge to scream out her name. A few months ago, it was this totally fucking awesome version of Big Time Sensuality with Zakir Hussain. This time around, I have found two rarities, which showcase two very different sides of Björk.

bjork0304So Broken sounds like it is. A stripped-down acoustic plea by Bjork found on the pre-release promo of the 1997 Joga single. Backed by Raimundo Amador’s flamenco guitar, she sings, “So broken, in pieces, my heart is so broken, I’m puzzling” in a way that would make Tom Yorke look like Deepak Chopra. So very fragile.

Hidden Place was the first single from the 2001 Vespertine album. It had an incredibly cool music video directed by Mathias Augustyniak going for it, as well. Unbeknownst to everyone and their cousin, a concert version recorded at the Royal Opera House in 2002 leaked out some time ago. Well, this pretty much kills the studio version. Adoringly led by the Inuit Choir on backing vocals, Zeena Parkins on harp and Robert Groslot’s Il Novecentro Orchestra, Bjork whispers to us, “But careful, careful, there lies my passion, hidden, there lies my love, I’ll hide it under a blanket, lull it to sleep”.

Bjork-Royal-Albert-HallSee, Björk has the same effect on jazz that pepper spray has on foreplay uhmmm or something less disturbing. A blinding commitment to discomfort. Very much like Diamanda Galas without the raving lunacy. Right from one of her first solo albums – Gling-Gló (recorded with Ingólfssonar, a very weird Icelandic bebop trio) to the more recent single Náttúra, a common thread of anomalies that run through her music. A string of misshaped notes that dare the listener to appreciate unfamiliarity.

If ever further proof was needed that a lack of structure is what drives art physically ahead, look no further than the sounds of Björk Guðmundsdóttir.


Bjork – Broken (acoustic version)


Bjork – Hidden Place (live at the Royal Albert Hall)

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