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When I quit the liquor scene, I unintentionally gave up on good ol’ southern rock. Face it, some shit sounds better when there’s a couple of lagers inside of you. I mean, Lynyrd Skynyrd is a great, great band, no doubt about that…but when confronted by sobriety, Gary Rossington’s white-hot solos sound tamer than you’d expect them to. Gulp down a couple of Glenfiddich shots and you’d be truly humbled by the sheer amount of asskickery those solos incite.

gov't muleOver the weekend I got myself reacquainted with Gov’t Mule. I used to be one of their e-roadies; getting people introduced to them through peer-to-peer applications, chat messengers and a highly temperamental lazy eye. Led by the ‘real‘ king of good times (screw you, Kingfisher) Warren Hayes, Gov’t Mule made music that you could groove to until Gloria Estefan throws a hissy fit and tells you, “haha the rhythm got you”. At that point you should probably ask her to leave, turn the volume on tracks such as 30 Days In The Hole and walk the fine line between dancing and rioting.

The guitar tone is almost always fantastic and when interspersed with rhythmic percussion blasts and a low bass riff, they could easily driven that one imaginary song on the Almost Famous soundtrack that had balls.

warren haynesNot everything is up-tempo and unruly in a fun sort of way. Quite understandable given the tendency of southern gentleman to talk bout their women over a guitar riff. “Beautifully Broken” is one of those epic ballad rockers you hear every once in a while that is unbelievably better than November Rain. The live version on YouTube starts off with a slight nod to Prince’s When Doves Cry and sometime around the 1.40 min mark; a beautiful solo lifts the song into a soulful landscape where Syd Barrett drank bear instead of dropping acid.

Given the sheer length of the concert performance, you’d probably ease up on hearing the whole track.

Now imagine if you had done the same for Skynyrd’s Free Bird.

Yes, that’s how good Gov’t Mule can be.


Gov’t Mule – Beautifully Broken (Live)

Gov’t Mule – Thorazine Shuffle (Live)


Their live performances on beemp3

Of course I’d much rather you buy

Govt Mule’s Live At Roseland Ballroom

Govt Mule’s Dose

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