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I wonder what in the hell the devil would want with Kollywood music director Vidyasagar’s soul. I can think of no other scenario in which he created the track – Putham Pudhu Pattu – for the movie Thendral other than one in which he sold his soul to the horned-one for a bit of artistic acumen. Any bloke who came up with that torturous Chandramukhi soundtrack and that god-awful Appidi Poddu Poddu song truly deserves to rot on a deserted Island with Milli Vanilli and Isai Tsunami Deva. Matter of fact, Putham Pudhu Pattu makes me question what I have understood about art. I just don’t get it how could Vidyasagar produce a sound so raw and so blisteringly poetic.

Anyway, to hell with that, this song deserves so much more than vapid introspection about the authenticity of its creator. If you don’t already know, Thankar Bachan’s Thendral is a fantastically depressing film. It doesn’t just want to tug at your heartstrings; it looks to rip the fucker out of his socket and stomp it on wet mud. Parthiban, Ramesh Khanna, and Uma Pathmanaban dial in good-to-great performances, as we get to mull over their characters and the decisions they take.

parai drummers

For me, the highlight of the film is the song sequence that takes place in prison, with a death penalty-bound inmate (dancer Lawrence) saying farewell to life and its supposedly glorious living through a song and dance routine. See, he’s a parai drummer and beating the cow skin-clothed instrument is all he has been taught in life; and in essence, he has used that rhythm to find a place in society until fate landed him in jail.

Putham Pudhu Pattu is one of those songs that can make you want to shake a leg or two with its tight percussion (if I can call that) blasts, and its lovely verses coaxing you to crumble to the floor in a fetal position, wondering if anyone will love you as much as mommy once did. Seriously, the final slow-burning verse is quite something else.

That’s why I love this track so very much…it’s not just satisfied with making us slaves to its rhythm, it goes ahead and makes us empathize with the devil in its details.


Putham Pudhu Pattu

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