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In reference to two earlier posts on Indian rock music (this and this), more than a few pissed off people have decided to take time from their precious lives and tell me that I don’t know anything about the Indian heavy metal attitude. Yes, I don’t. Neither do I know how to lure kids with hard candy. I am thankful for both. A few however actually brought common sense to the conversation. Vijay Prozak, owner of the delicately titled heavy metal website http://www.anus.com (American Nihilist Underground Society), wrote to me about heavy metal breaking barriers and becoming the voice of culture. Dale Sykes, an irate resident of parts unknown, even insulted me for not recognizing the fact that a person’s financial status should have no bearing on the music he/she listens to.

I can’t argue with the validity of what they have written, but heavy metalI will say this…I write only from personal experiences. Most of the so-called purists and fans (with a rare few exceptions) that I have met in India have had no clue as to why they felt that connection to heavy metal music. Some just woke up one fine day with long hair and decided ‘what the hell, might as well’. Others think that such non-conformance entitles them to have an intellectual opinion on society, which might magically lead them past puberty, virginity and other fragile moments of desperation.

I mean, these people were petty, fashion conscious, self-righteous, and under the impression that it was far more important to look rebellious rather than to actually go through the pains of being so. Frankly, I see no difference between them and that dude wearing a tight T-shirt and lip-syncing the words to Ricky Martin’s Un Dos Tres on the dancefloor while everyone else wonders if they have been teleported to fucking 1996 again.


The other question that has reared its head lately…why haven’t I written a tribute to Michael Jackson? Uhmm I don’t like his music very much. Even though, like a few gazillion others, I grew up listening to him…I did so because my sister was the only one I knew who could somehow miraculously afford audiotapes at the age of 10. The day I could actually afford to spend 80 bucks on music, I rushed to Landmark and probably bought a John Secada or Peter Andre album. Once the Best Of Bob Dylan and The Ozzman Cometh tapes entered my stereo (my sister had flown to Germany by then), I started using the MJ album covers as makeshift ashtrays.

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