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preorder_mmbosstones_imageMost ska bands I have heard so far have been depressingly bad. I despise all that “surf’s up, dude” pseudo-mellow trombones-hugging bullshit. 311 once ruled with a bunch of great melodies, but soon they joined the bandwagon of suck by impersonating Linkin Park. But as for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, well they are really really awesome. By whipping up a cocktail of straight-edged British punk and sunny ska vibes and lacing it with some good ol’ blue-collar humour, Mighty Mighty Bosstones moved to the mainstream with dissonant ease but stayed true to what made them cool in the first place…being nerdy and badass at the same time.

belleruche-turntable_soul_music_bThe great thing about Portishead’s Beth Gibbons is that you can ape her vocal styling and take it to weird wonderful places without sounding like a cheap knock-off. Geike Arnaert channeled Gibbons perfectly on HooverphonicsPresident of the LSD Golf Club album. Martina Topley-Bird sometimes gets it when collaborating with Tricky. As for Belleruche’s Kathrin deBoer…well, she has fucking nailed it with her vocals sensually dancing all over the beats, just like Ms Gibbons. It also makes me feel all warm and sunny to listen to her take a rain-check on hitting portentous high notes; instead she breathes ridiculously catchy basslines and hums sweaty drops of soul and jazz. Seriously, best fucking pop band fronted by a woman…like ever. Yes, even better than Beach Boys.

album-the-feedingSometimes I think that I am being too hard on heavy metal. I guess, my recently accumulated disgust for the vaguely ignorant and the pointlessly rebellious has something to do with it. I admit, anger is only purposeful when channeled through art and metal quite honestly is little else than rage-fueled post-Freudian bullshit. But hey, I don’t have a problem with post-Freudian trash when it sounds vaguely inspired by the fiery bolts of thunder that once drove millions of minions towards bands such as Pantera, Black Label Society, Slayer and Propain. For instance, here’s a curious case of American Head Charge. Inspired by Sabbath? Check. Recorded album with Rick Rubin. Check. Friends with Slipknot? Check. But also here’s the difference between American Head Charge and a million other ‘I have a vague memory of a creepy uncle touching my wee-wee and I can’t get over it” posers who piss on the mighty gods of metal by sporting fashionable frowns and black T-shirts…they do not suck. They channel their rage and let bloody riffs and maniacal double-bass stomps talk shit on their behalf. That’s pretty metal.


Mighty Mighty Bosstones – The Rascal King, Someday

Belleruche – It’ll Come, Northern Girls

American Head Charge – Ridicule, Cowards

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