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Emo is nothing but a placid subgenre of mainstream punk music. It started innocently enough with bands such as Fugazi, Sunny Day Real Estate and Jimmy Eat World creating music that was a bit more emotional than, let’s say, the average beer-guzzler was accustomed to. It veered away from the path of modern American rock and came dangerously close to a territory where Papa Roach and Linkin Park had previously urinated upon as a mark of dominance.

A few years later, once market-savvy musicians and music critics had their way with it, emo became a fashion statement. Sort of like goth, but with less attitude and more make-up. And now things got extremely annoying.

Band like My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, Panic At The Disco and Dashboard Confessional gained popularity by re-enacting several episodes of Dr Phil meets Oprah Winfrey backed by bass guitars, percussion beats, tears and rolls of Kleenex. The targeted audience, however, were enthralled that they no longer needed that Staind album to help them cry to sleep at night.

Going by the age-old entertainment ritual to spoof anything that becomes popular, this subculture too was dragged through parodies and provoking caricatures. Most of them had a problem with the emotionally-stunted shenanigans of these emo musicians who were desperately trying to get the world to feel sorry about their depressed state of mind.

Azuzephre struck the funniest blow by creating two animated characters – Pon and Zi. Little comic strips began appearing online that had these itsy bitsy characters talking and acting like emo musicians.

Sort of like Happy Tree Friends, but without the bloodshed. Very, very funny.

From the Pon and Zi website.

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