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As I was driving to work a few hours ago, I heard this song called Metropes by London-based indie hipsters Orphans and Vandals, which sort of blew me away. It’s been quite a while since indie music has drawn me with such allure. Imagine ‘American Pie’ explosively rewritten by Liam Gallagher and sung by a younger, fitter Lou Reed piss drunk on malt whiskey. If you prefer not to, then you should know that Metropes is a fantastic piece of rock n’ roll storytelling.

orphans-and-vandalsYes, there is a resemblance to some of the more rollicking stuff that Velvet Underground recorded, but the folksy indie vibe really works in the track’s favour. Al Joshua’s vocals perfectly capture the mood of the story’s progression while the rest of the band – Gabi Woo (drums), Franchesca (strings), and Quinta (strings) – create a wall of fuzzy noise that you’d want to hear during the first hour of a long road trip.

Great, great music. In fact, so good that I feel bad putting up a free mp3 for download. So I tell you what…

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Here, here, here and hereThe Lost Revue

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Orphans and Vandals – Metropes


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