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mon1I have a niggling problem with comments. The way people twist them around with no intention of adding further to the conversation, but rather than to make it all about themselves and what they believe in.

And sometimes, ever so rarely, proof of evidence props up in my favour.

Comments on news reports on Express Buzz

Saravana Bhavan owner sentenced to life

Paul Krist thinks, “WHAT ABOUT THE THREE YOUNG ENGINEERS WHO WERE BURNED TO DEATH AT MARAN’S NEWSPAPER OFFICE IN MADURAI ? DID THE FIRE HAPPEN DUE TO SOME “EVIL SPIRITS” INVOKED BY THEIR ENEMIES ?? !! Some people burned them alive. If they are not the suspected politicians, who else did it?”

Lanka to make Kachchativu a sacred area

SONIA THE MUSOLINI believes, “Means that Srilanka going to PLANT BUUDHA statue and bring SKIN HEAD TERRRORISTS EVILS called MONKS in Sinhala to Kachathivu to destroy the CATHOLIC CHURCH as they have been doing to destroy all Hindu, Catholic and Muslim worship places in Eeema. Example: Trinco,Batticola, Amparai, Jaffna, Vavuniya, Pulmoddai, Moothoor, etc WITH THE HELP OF ITALIAN MUSOLINI SONIA THE EVIL WOMAN who will see the TOTLA DESTRUCTION OF HER CHILDREN RAGUL AND PRIYANKA’s FUTURE soon

Varun replies to poll panel notice, gets anticipatory bail

V.Mehta blithers on… “Similarly why no muslim or minroity apepasing ministers like Arjun Singh,Mulayam and Loo,etc are not in jail already for splitting the people on caste or community lines? Courts &RSS,VHP&BJP too better wake up. Now BJP must go for aggressive hinduvta and majority hindus must vote in large numbers for BJP and allies to save the hindus in India and Lanka and to eliminate the anti-hindu forces all around them.”

Please. Stop.

It is refreshing to see so many updates about the war in Sri Lanka; in fact, I don’t think any other newspaper has given it this much web coverage. Hell, it’s probably the only Indian-based news website , in which user-interface gets the respect it deserves. But to even entertain comments such as these…well, either you guys are still apathetic towards the wrecking ball machine that is Express’ brand image or well, this somehow increases your web traffic…nevertheless,

Please. Fucking. Stop.

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