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I have been looking for Trevor JonesLawn Dogs theme for so long that the satisfaction of finding it felt like something I once read in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series – I have remembered this too much; so now I can no longer be sure whether it is the event that I am remembering, or my memory of the event. Sweetly whispering about its malcontent, the track ebbs and flow with a tenderness that cannot be fully fathomed without watching the film’s climax. Music seldom gets more gorgeous on American film than this.


Salton Sea’s soundtrack recognizes a trumpet’s sensuality and twists it around for far more malicious purposes. Even Thomas Newman isn’t in one of his “Wait, am I Randy Newman?” moods either. Of course, there’s the brilliant Terence Blanchard collaborating with him too. It is without exaggeration that I say that you’d be hard pressed to find a better companion to silence than the restrained trumpet solo in Saeta.


Liev Schreiber‘s Everything Is Illuminated is a film that leaves you with mixed emotions. The soundtrack does the same thing too. From the ska shenanigans of Leningrad’s Rok N Rolla to the creepy traditional Bublitschki song and Gogol Bordello‘s rib-tickling fun Start Wearing Purple, these tunes will make it impossible for you to just sit around and not pay every bit of attention you can muster up. The highlight however is Paul Cantelon‘s River of Collections. One of those tracks that make me feels less of a writer for being unable to describe just how beautiful it is.


Trevor Jones – Lawn Dogs Theme

Terence Blanchard & Thomas Newman – Saeta

Paul Cantelon – River of Collections


Thomas Newman’s Salton Sea Soundtrack

Trevor Jones’ Lawn Dogs Soundtrack

Paul Cantelon’s Everything Is Illuminated Soundtrack

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