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The prefix “DJ” in aliases turns a lot of people off away from a whole lot of good music. It’s not all about techno/house/jungle nonsense for these new age instrumentalists. Artists like DJ Krush, DJ Muggs and DJ Shadow are out there, tearing it up with their brand of turntabilsm. Some atmospheric, others groovy, and most of them indelibly captivating in their orchestrated brilliance.

DJ Shadow is a personal favourite of mine. Born as Josh Davis, he began “his music career as a disc jockey for UC Davis radio station KDVS”. Pretty soon, he locked himself inside the studio, hoping to find his muse. The results were breathtaking as the adventures in sound he created with hip-hop, jazz, funk, and psychedelic rock made for compulsive hearing. His first album – Endtroducing – was insanely good. Hell, it got featured in the Guinness World Records book for “First Completely Sampled Album”.

His later albums paled a bit in comparison but were leaps and bounds better than anything produced by The Neptunes or any of their ilk, who wear “bling bling” and feature R&B musicians who really can’t sing.

The soundscapes in “Midnight In A Perfect World” paints a laidback, almost eerily disconnected picture. One, which reminds you of quiet, melancholic nights in worlds untouched by anything unsavory. The harmonies will float inside your head, and the beats will keep your toes alert.

This is the closest to perfection that you can expect from any person who prefixes “DJ” to his alias.


DJ Shadow – Midnight In A Perfect World


DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing

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