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50. Eagles of Death Metal – Anything ‘Cept The Truth

Palm Beach-based Eagles of Death Metal, despite what Axl Rose might say, have paid proper respect to the almighty desert rock groove. Sometimes light-headed, mindlessly rhythmic rock music is what the soul craves. This track from NHL 10’s soundtrack is just that.

49. Gypsy Soul – Wicked Game

I have felt guilty about liking Chris Isaac’s original version as much as I used to. California-based Celtic pop band Gypsy Soul, with their singer Cilette Swann coaxing the melody to travel to a far more ethereal place, makes me feel cool again.

48. Iggy Pop – King Of The Dogs

Iggy Pop has reinvented himself in a sensibly drunken way. The Godfather of Punk went eclectic jazz and lounge pop in his latest album Préliminaires, shining like a mad friggin diamond on this track. I can’t help but wonder if the meeting with Tom Waits in Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes had something to do with this.

47. Aimee Mann – One Is The Loneliest Number

Not since Bjork’s All Is Full of Love has a woman’s voice had me feeling this giddy and diffident at once. You might have heard her during one of those wonderfully screwed up sequences in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia. I heart Aimee Mann.

46. Colin Meloy – Summertime

I have a very high regard for the music of The Decemberists; Colin Meloy’s their singer and songwriter, and a very fine one at that. A million artists have covered George Gershwin’s Summertime but a nay a musician in recent years has done it with such style and restrained grace.

45. KlaxonsNo Diggity

It’s scary how good Klaxons were in conducting this experiment in weirdness. Blackstreet & Dr Dre dare not complain; these London-based new wave poppers have done them proud, with an insanely catchy cover that has no business sounding as good as it does.

44. Mos Dub – Ms Vampire Booty

Max Tannone’s remix project lets Mos Def’s badass verbosity loose on the dancefloor with some funky reggae sampling to keep it company. The killer snares behind acapella vocals dare you to sit still.

43. Circa Survive – Spirit Of The Stairwell

Pennsylvania-based Circa Survive makes common music with uncommon talent. Their brand of lo-fi acoustic music isn’t going to win you over with originality, but the altruistically dreamy psychedelia of tracks like this one will whip your ears into soulful frenzy. Check out their 2010 album Blue Sky Noise.

42. Cold War Kids – Electioneering

This isn’t if for everyone, kiddies. Amongst all the tracks on the OKX album, Stereogum’s tribute to Radiohead’s 1997 masterpiece, the Cold War Kids’ cover is probably the boldest. The militant thumping of percussions, along with Nathan Willett’s dry-throated call for political compromises, takes me back to the first time I heard APC’s Counting Bodies Like Sheep.

41. Josh Homme & PJ Harvey – Powdered Wig Machine

Josh Homme’s decade-long pet project – Desert Sessions – has him collaborating with the coolest musicians from the vastly underrated Palm Desert Scene. PJ Harvey brings sultriness back with the ferocity of a she-wolf in heat, seducing, howling, “Come on, come to me”; very, very sexy.

40. The Constellations – A Perfect Day

I get misty-eyed whenever heavy slabs of soul are injected into the veins of straight-up rock music. Little Richard spawned it. The Beatles stole it. The Rolling Stones lost it. Coldplay and Maroon 5 almost screwed it all up. Now The Constellations have resurrected it on their Southern Gothic album. If only their songwriting improved, they’d be a force to reckon with.

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School of Seven Bells is a curiously poppy and notoriously gothic 3-piece band from New York. I sort of like them but I doubt if I’d grow any fonder of them and that’s only because Bat For Lashes and Cocteau Twins already exist. However, their track School Of 73 Bells featuring hip hop producer Prefuse 73 is unadulterated awesomeness. With tightly-woven beats and dream-like vocals from twins Alejandra and Claudia Deheza, it could so easily be that song to which I wake up, smiling and knowing that it’s a Saturday.


The Brown Tape

Brown Bag All Stars comprise MCs Audible Doctor, J57, KONCEPT, Soul Khan and Cold Codein. Their debut The Brown Tape is a collection of gimmick-free hip-hop tracks that beg, borrow and steal from the golden era of rap with new school production values. While redundancy slightly creeps in towards the last few tracks of their album, it certainly doesn’t linger long enough to discredit all the fun we would have had until then. Think Wu Tang without the grime and kung fu. Think Run DMC with actual rhythm and clever wordplay. Or just think of those catchy rap songs that make you want to throw a punch, plant a kiss, and shake a leg at the same time.


Eagles Of Death Metal

It is easy to trash Eagles of Death Metal, I guess. Silly band name…check. Stupid leather outfits…check. Unnecessarily vague songs titles…double check. Thank heavens some of their music is so much fun that I want Danny McGill back on that MTV Top 10 show, introducing Faith No More’s Real Thing as the numero uno song of the week. In 2006, after an unruly Ohio crowed booed them off stage, Axl Rose publicly referred to EODG as the “Pigeons Of Shit Metal”. Well, if you absolutely hated Water Pistols and Voodoo Lilies and the putrid glam rock they were popular for, listen to Eagle Goth. At least you won’t feel guilty about headbanging to nonsensical rock.



Alternative supergroup Zwan is the collective decision taken by Billy Corgan, Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins), Matt Sweeney (famed guitarist and producer), David Pajo (Slint ) and Paz Lenchantin (A Perfect Circle) to evolve the sounds they had discovered from their previous bands.

Djali Zwan is an acoustic incarnation of Zwan. Featuring Ana Lenchantin (Paz’s sister), they crafted exquisite lo-fi gems that walks the line between alt country and the sort of indie folk that is considered cool nowadays. Their version of Iron Maiden’s Number of the Beast is surreal; I didn’t even know it was a cover until Jerry noticed it during the opening credits of Spun. In fact when you hear the vocalist gently weep, “I’m coming back, I will return, I will possess your body and I’ll make you burn”, you just might want to take back all those ‘I wish Iron Maiden never existed’ prayers. Too bad Zwan called it quits so soon.

Djali Zwan – Number Of The Beast

School Of Seven Bells & Prefuse 73 – School Of 73 Bells

Brown Bag All Stars – Got It All

Eagles Of Death Metal – Eagle Goth

Zwan’s Honestly

School of Seven Bells’ Alpinisms

Hip Hop DX review of Brown Project

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