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Even homophobia has no business clouding one’s mind when it comes to decriminalization of homosexuality. It doesn’t even qualify itself for a debate. It should have been the norm considering that Hindus, Jews, the Japanese, Albinos, Dyslexic people, frock-wearing chihuahuas, plump activists, Zhongwei Goats, French mimes, grumpy painters, short human resources managers, tapeworms, jazz musicians, and irritating kids have been walking around freely without being viciously judged for who they are.

A lot of people have written about this with much more conviction and passion, so you should go read their stuff. As for the rest who are sort of glad about the decriminalization, but wouldn’t really think about it in two weeks’ time unless some a bunch of idiots have something hilariously offensive to say, read on.

Soup DragonsI was thinking about what would have made for a good background score when this news broke. After a brief introspection I have decided that it would have to be I’m Free by Scottish alternative rockers The Soup Dragons. I first heard of these guys during high school when a distant uncle of mine, a Catholic priest who had more in common with Bud Spencers than any other person I have met, gifted me a random “Say What U Want: Artists for Rock the Vote” CD. Apart from featuring stunningly good, edgy pop music by The Wonder Stuff, Michelle Shocked, Phranc and Tears For Fears, the CD also introduced me to a fantastic cover of a Rolling Stones’ song (I’m Free) by The Soup Dragons. Sean Dickson’s vocals are eager more than anything else and it works wonderfully well what with the rest of the band bringing down the house with a heck of a rhythm section.

As he croons, “Cause I’m free, to do what I want, to be what I want, any old time,” you really start questioning your sanity for having believed that happiness can be sort of boring.

In hindsight I can safely say that I’m Free reaffirmed my faith in joyous music. Despite being committed to the notion that cynicism and overwhelming pain spur music to greater heights than any other permutation of emotions, I think happiness lately has been given an unfair run in music. A couple of decades ago, a thumping beat followed by soulful vocals, handclaps and gentle synthesizers would have amounted to a great soul track sung by the likes of Aretha Franklin, Brian Wilson, Ray Charles, Sly Stone or Smokey Robinson. In today’s recurring playlist, you would sooner hear these classic sounds on a Goa trance album than on anything worth giving a second listen to.

And now…ahemmmm…now for the most loathsome part of casual writing, the summary of an hour’s worth of thinking.

Lessons Learned

I’m glad that the judgment on Section 377 has been given a warm welcome

I’m Free by The Soup Dragons might make you want to dance

You should buy the Say What U Want: Artists for Rock the Vote CD (or stay sadly ignorant of The Disposable Heroes of Hypocrisy)

I didn’t have time to talk about the joyously fantastic My Nutmeg Fantasy (Mos Def & Angie Stone remix) by Macy Gray, but do listen to it

And don’t fucking judge people who don’t bother you

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