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Hating dance music is for wussies. Loving trance, I’m afraid, is far worse. The only clubbing I feel like doing, given today’s piss poor excuse for party music, is one that involves cracked skulls on the dancefloor and my friend’s baseball bat. I really thought Intelligent Dance Music would catch up in my country. I envisioned speakers throbbing to the beats of Justice, Hot Chip, LCD Soundsytem, Burial or sparkling new remixes by Massive Attack but noooooo, even now I hear people are shaking a leg to trance music. Zombie fodder for the masses. Like millions of tiny hammers, rhythmically knocking at the sides of our skulls, coaxing our brains to resist any form of intelligent movement. “Dhak dhak dhak dhak don’t think, dhak dhak dhak fuckers…just dhak fucking dhak dhak move dhak dhak”. Sigh. I suggest we let them be and take in as much of Happy Mondays and New Order as we possibly can. The Manchester club scene has given birth to some of the finest dance music for the last two decades. And it hardly ever gets better than Happy Mondays’ 24 Hour Party People and New Order’s Blue Monday. Tell me….how does it feel?


Bay Area alternative rockers Mother Hips are one of those bands that got swept under the carpet during the mid-Nineties, thanks to the grunge explosion; unfairly too, considering their knack for spinning out wicked grooves. I really dig their smoky bar-room brand of whimsical alternative rock that still bears the fragrance of Sixties psychedelic pop. Eric Burdon and Donovan Phillips would be proud. Oh, and you don’t ever have to shed another tear for Blind Melon’s premature exit from the music scene. Mother Hips is still here and looking to satiate silly Gen-X children, looking for redemption, having sinned against the true Gods of grunge by once pledging allegiance to Cobain.


Concept albums have been crapped out by the dozen lately; some vaguely intriguing while others assiduously pretentious. Last year Nigerian-American rapper Wale released The Mixtape About Nothing – a collection of tracks inspired by his love for the sitcom Seinfeld. There’s a running joke in Seinfeld about the frivolity of its characters’ lives and the purpose of the show itself. Wale lets his laidback hip hop vibes channel this emotion as he kicks back with easy rhythms, stirring clever wordplay with Seinfeld quotes and witty character references. “The Opening Title Sequence”, with its awesome sampling of the show’s theme song, and the schizophrenic vibes in “The Manipulation” are definitive highlights. Download the mixtape here, here or here.


Here’s another reason why Mark Oliver Everett of The Eels is the Paul McCartney of our times. Thankfully, he has never penned anything as dastardly as Yesterday. And I doubt if Paul has written anything as simplistically beautiful as Ugly Love.



The Eels – Ugly Love

Happy Mondays – 24 Hour Party People

New Order – Blue Monday

Mother Hips – White Headphones

Wale – Opening Title Sequence

Wale – The Manipulation


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