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corporate-cat1Now that Uncle Sam has given a middle-finger salute to outsourcing, I wonder what socialist teat we would be suckling on for the sake of make-believe financial equality. Perhaps this is an indication that local industries should be the focal point of the country’s economic decisions. Maybe now it is clear that investing in a future that is likely to be a product of globalization is the stupidest thing to do since Steve Irwin jabbed his left finger into the Stingray’s eyes and said, “ahh mate, that’s not a barb…this IS A BARB”.

Hell, this could be a call for Indianization of information and technology. Or it could be something that I won’t think about again until it, you know, actually affects me.

(stands in queue, flicks cigarette and idiotically walks towards the sunset while Orruvan Orruvan Mudhalalee plays in the background)

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