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heathjokerI didn’t particularly appreciate Vir Sanghvi likening Joker to two-bit terrorist organizations and then India to Batman. Just so you know, The Joker never caused “mayhem and murder” just because he could. He did it because he craves for a more enlightened society. He chooses to break down the wafer-thin, cyclopic perspective that Gotham City’s residents have on the society they lived in. It’s neither madness nor random acts of barbarism; more of a conviction to the truth that his life’s tragedies had taught him. The second greatest edition of BatmanA Serious House on Serious Earth – even implied that The Joker’s “mental state is in fact a previously unprecedented form of super-sanity”.

He concludes the article with a well-timed misnomer of a statement.

“What strange times we must live in when a Batman movie more accurately reflects the real world than any action thriller”

My good man, the only thing strange is your belief that the world has been anything but strange sincethemanwholaughs1 its birth.

A special shout-out to Conrad Veidt’s portrayal of Gwynplaine in The Man Who Laughs.

Such a delightful irony it is that the inspiration for The Joker has its roots in a film that is quite possibly the first instance of German expressionism rubbing shoulders with romantic melodrama, surrealist horror and pre-World War II film noir.

Yes good sir, I think it’s pretty rad too.

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poster-of-the-dark-knight1From The Sun

Bruce Wayne – who by night is Batman – gets murdered by a man claiming to be the father he thought was dead.

In a highly controversial new storyline Bruce, who first appeared in 1939, is killed by Simon Hurt – the leader of the shady Black Glove organisation. Writer Grant Morrison said, “I like to keep the story twisting and turning. So what I am doing is a fate worse than death.

“This is the end of Bruce Wayne as Batman. He goes on to say that Batman will live through another person.”

If it’s Nightwing, I swear I’m going to riot.

If it’s Tim Drake, I’m going to kill myself.

Please bring back Azrael and ignite a year-long feud with The Joker.

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800px-batman_turkeyExcerpts from an article that appeared in the MSNBC website…

The mayor of the real city of Batman — an oil-producing city in southeast Turkey — is reportedly suing “Dark Knight” director Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros.

“There is only one Batman in the world,” Kalkan said. “The American producers used the name of our city without informing us.” Kalkan claims he has evidence, which will show the city of Batman was founded before the 1939 debut of Bob Kane’s DC Comics superhero by the same name.

Excerpts from my mind…

What the fuck?

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The Killing Joke is probably Joker’s most terrifying performance on graphic print. His insanity shone dimly like a broken ray of hope through dark corridors almost threatening to reveal the truth that mommy and daddy have tried for so long, and hard to keep away from you.

The way he dissects Inspector Gordon’s mind is a thing of beauty. He slices and dices through every shred of pattern in Gordon’s life and haphazardly discards them on a larger canvas to make a point.

His point being, in a world gone insane, man should do all but remain sane.

Yesterday, I watched The Dark Knight for the fifth time and I am yet to be bored by Heath Ledger’s performance. In fact every each time I listen to Joker recite chilling anecdotes behind his scars…I cringe in delight.

So obsessed I am about Heath Ledger’s portrayal of Joker’s shenanigans that I have started to question my interest in all future endeavors of Christopher Nolan’s tremendous take on Gotham’s darkest saviour.

In fact I didn’t think too much of Christian Bale’s character. The blood lust that the Dark Knight mustered under his breath in epics such as Crimson Mist and Knightfall seemed missing in Nolan’s latest. Anyone who has read the visceral episodes of Dark Knight battling Azrael, Bane or even the Mutants in Dark Knight Returns series, will feel a pinch of disappointment witnessing Bale’s character abiding by moral laws to serve justice.

I want to see a more vicious Batman, one who is capable of soaring over ethical grounds and laying his enemies to rest in a bloody pool of poetic justice. One should know that more than anything else, The Dark Knight is a saner and in ways weirder than most can fathom a less heroic reflection of Joker.

Ask Alfred, he’ll tell you.

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The sequel for the Dark Knight is set to burn through the silver screen by next year. And I’m sure as hell hoping that the rumour mills are spinning out the truth.

Apparently, Johnny Depp is being tipped to play The Riddler. This has potential to be the best casting decision since John Papsidera decided to pick Heath Ledger for the part of Joker.

Philip Seymour Hoffman, one of best actors of this era, is touted to be The Penguin. As much as I don’t like the character, I’m sure he would be able to salvage what remains of the grotesquely evil feathered feign after being torturously portrayed by Danny Devito in Batman Returns.

Despite both Penguin and Riddler being semi-comical villains, I do trust Nolan to bring out their darker sides.

Now all they need to do is introduce Bane and Azrael. I’m thinking…Michael Clark Duncan and Daniel Craig on stilts.

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Just so you know, Batman could kick Superman’s ass just as easily as Bruce Wayne could manhandle Clark Kent.

Seriously, just so you know.

Also, Joker is god. No, seriously he is.

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