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I have very few hunting grounds in Chennai. During my stay in Bangalore, eating had its sweet little pleasures. From the devilishly addictive ice creams of Corner House to the steaks of Millers 46 and right through the English breakfast at Koshys, I had an envious choice to make whenever hunger beckoned. In Chennai, now that my paycheck has become considerable bigger, I expected food to be kinder to my whims. Unfortunately, Chennai is known for stuff that kills hunger and keeps you going, not for delicious little things that bribe the hunger to come back later. Not all hope is lost; a few places here and there do tempt one’s culinary fancies.

Cornucopia is one such place, a decent restaurant tucked around Cenatoph Road, bang opposite the ridiculously overrated Dhaba Express. It previously used to be home to Café Jam, a long forgotten coffee pub that aspired to be a fad and ended up being a joke.

I don’t know when Cornucopia came into existence and I am not really sure who owns the place, but I do know that the food is rather special. The ambience is pleasing too. And the service, ah yes the service. The one aspect of hotel management that brown-skinned people just don’t seem to understand (especially when the customer is brown-skinned too). Despite all my raging cynicism against our city’s ability to cope with basic etiquette, the waiters at Cornucopia really deserve a pat on their heads (or perhaps a beer…not on the head, of course) for their politeness and overall service etiquette. A special mention to Mr. Mohan (head waiter, I presume) since his politeness is sometimes overshadowed by his recommendations for the main course. He even encourages you to break the norm and shift the ingredients on menu.

I hate spicy food. And conceptually, mint on meat displeases me. But thanks to Mohan, The Spicy Red Snapper with Mint and Rum somehow turned out to one of the tastiest things I have had. The number one spot on that list undeniably goes to Filter Coffee Roasted Lamb in Whiskey and Sauce. Jerome hit the jackpot when he ordered that during lunch last week. My Red Snapper, like I said, had its share of yumminess…but it paled, paled like the clouds on a rainy Sunday, when compared to Jerome’s catch of the century. It’s almost an anti-climax that my cellphone has tainted the photos of only that dish. You just have to take my word for it; it could make a grown man hungry, and wail if he is also hungry.

Jagan ordered Grilled Mutton, and we all dug in, but our tastebuds were still soaking in the fleshy caffeine flavour. Even as my fork pinched and pulled at the pearly flesh of the Red Snapper, my eyes were roving over Jerome’s plate as it sent signals to the brain to get another piece of that lamb, by any means necessary.

Before I get lost in that dish,. I must not forget about the starters and certainly not the Crab Cakes. Little cakes of delight, they are. Elegantly doused in herbs and gently baked, they come with garlic sauce and butter sauce. We didn’t try the deserts this time, but I do remember getting terribly excited about the pastries here sometime this summer.

So there you have it…Cornucopia, easily one of Chennai’s most elegant restaurants, if not in decorative interiors then certainly in food and service. If in case, you go there…look for Mr. Mohan, and ask him to add a twist to your main course.

Address: 30, Cenotaph Road, Teynampet, Chennai, 600018, India

For reservations, call 91 44 24311193

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