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You probably have never heard of Kobashi, Akiyama, Misawa, Ikeda, Milano Collection, or Kota Ibushi. In fact, you might even think that these are delicate body parts of little aquatic creatures found on sushi plates.

These men are Japanese Puro wrestlers. Warriors who have chosen a way of life, during the course of which getting dropped on your head or getting punched on the bridge of your nose only meant that it was a Tuesday. Being not-so-politely asked by 50,000 screaming fans to fracture your opponent’s skull merely implied that a paycheck was on its way.

I certainly don’t recommend violence but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to know how to commit it when the situation demands for such. When caught in a tricky situation that smells of trouble, I’d much rather think about what Jun Akiyama might do rather than about what Jesus might do.

Seriously, look at what Akiyama can do.

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