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In 2002, after a long period of absence from the cine field, yesteryear actor Ramarajan got himself tangled in a minor controversy by being one the catalysts that pushed Open Source applications towards extinction. During early 2002, a Wiki enthusiast, Walter Kannadasan, innocently added a page for Ramarajan on Wikipedia that sort of exaggerated the actor’s achievements and accolades. By dubbing him as a “Box Office Emperor” and a “dream hero”, young Walter set off a series of events that eventually ended up in a lot of people getting really pissed off with the fallacies of Open Source.

open-sooresIt was said that on June 8, 2002…the age of Wikipedia and Open Source officially came to a screeching halt with Ramarajan at the epicenter of the whole mess. In 2008, when the actor thought he finally understood what was going around, he called for a press conference and announced that his next film was going to be called “Open Sorres”.

When the tagline Enga Orru, Ellarakum Sorre leaked out a few weeks later, along with the rumoured storyline, it became pretty obvious that the thespian had not understood what the hell had happened. Official press releases made matters worse by claiming that it was going to be a touching story of one villager’s search for someone who has “studied computers” and who can help him “build software” that will produce soore (rice).

Bearing a quizzical look every time a member of his crew tried telling him that Open Source has nothing to do with sorre (rice), the actor often quipped that having played the role of a milkman approximately 543 times, he learnt a few lessons in life. One, apparently was to never use “Got milk?” as a pickup line and the other, was to know that if you don’t have a clue as to what’s happening around you, just thrust two fingers inside your ears and scream “La la la la la la I can’t hear you la la la la”.

Despite all the negativity that surrounded Open Sorres’ release, the film did spectacularly well at the box office and to everyone’s surprise, the man who once milked cows for our entertainment finally got his day in the sun by almost immediately receiving a Bhaskar Award Nomination for Best Actor. With a harrowingly brilliant performance as Shenbahumagain, a 60-year-old man who rides to nearby towns on a TVS Vespa, desperately hoping to meet a “software genius” who could help him figure out how to create an “software type thing” that would generate rice grains…somehow.

A few months ago, Ramarajan was featured in James Lipton’s In The Actors’ Studio and we feel that it is fitting to let the curtains fall on the 2008 Bhasakar Award for Best Actor with an excerpt from interview.

James Lipton: Whot is your favourite noise or sound?

Ramarajan: La la la la la

Lipton: Excuse me?

Ramarajan: La la la la

Lipton: Mr R-AM-AAA-RAJUN?

Ramarajan: I can’t la la hear la la you la la la

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